2019 SAHARA MARATHON 

From February 24th to March 3rd

- Madrid-Tindouf: Saturday 24th February at 15:00. (to be confirmed)
- Tindouf- Madrid: Saturday March 3rd at 19:10 (arrival to Madrid at 22:05).

Collective, processed by the organization at the Algerian Embassy.

Minimum validity until September 3rd, 2018.

900 Euros (flights, shuttle bus, accommodation, meals, registration,
shirt, medal, activities...).

Registration deadline:
February 15th.

Marathon, Half Marathon, 10 km and 5 km.

Departure from El Aaiun camp, finish at Smara (the 1/2 marathon
starts at Auserd).

With Saharawi families in groups of 5 people (if you have family there, you can stay with them).

They can travel in the same expedition as the runners.

They can travel accompanied without problem, following some advice from the organization. The price for children under 16 is 750 euros.

A maximum of 15 kilos per traveler.

Activities: During the whole week there is a complete schedule of activities (trip to the dunes, soccer match, cultural visits, solidarity project, schools parade...)

Solidarity Project: In addition to all the collaboration with the activities carried out by the Saharawi Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Sahara Marathon launches many projects every year to help schools, families and Saharawi Youth. All these contributions are justified with total transparency.

-Do I have to vaccinate ?: It is not necessary, just enough care in food and water consumption (bottled only). It’s recommended  to schedule a previous medical examination.
-What temperature am I going to find ?: Between 8º and 28º. Fresh nights and spring days. Possibility of some sandstorm.
-What do I have to bring ?: Sleeping bag, jacket, sunglasses, sun screen, cap, toilet tissue, towel, flip-flops ...
-What will we eat there ?:  Your family will prepare pasta, tortilla, cous cous, lentils or some meat (chicken, goat or camel).
- What footwear do I run ?:  The terrain is generally hard and stony with some sand. You can run with trail shoes or leggings, but usually the best are normal training shoes.
-Is there a time limit for the race ?: No, there are people that walk all the way to the finish.
-Are there feeding zones in the route ?: Yes, every 3 kilometers or less there is a place with water, fruit and some energy bar.
-Can I change the distance to which I have registered ?: Yes, until the previous night you can change the distance by communicating it to the organization.
-Do we have showers after the race ?:  Yes, but only on the day of the race, in the jaimas you can clean yourself with water from tanks and
-What currency is used there ?: The official currency is the Algerian dirham, but in most shops euros  are accepted (small bills are recommended).
- What traditions do they have ?: A very tolerant and hospitable Muslim society; we will often be invited to the tea ceremony.
- In what language do they speak ?: Their language is Hassania, an Arabic dialect, but in almost every house there is someone who speaks Spanish because they study it in school and because many children have family in Spain or have come on vacation.
- Do I bring a gift ?: It’s a good idea but keeping in mind that it must not be too bulky nor too heavy to carry. Children’s toys, candy, flashlights, multi-pronged knives, pens ... are all good options.
-How can I help more ?: Through the crowdfunding platform


To formalize your registration send us an email with all your information (name, nationality, passport number, profession, telephone, email, address, date of birth, race to dispute, T-shirt size, Saharawi family ...) to

Entries will not be valid until the payment for entry or transfer in the account has not been formalized:

Proyecto Sahara
IBAN: ES04 2100 8947 4522 0001 3022

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